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House & Car promotion

Terms & Conditions

  1. A brand new Citroen C3 vehicle will be included in the purchase of either Lot 32 (6 Tute Lane), or Lot 34 (10 Tute Lane), or Lot 35 (12 Tute Lane) in Stage 2, Fenchurch Park provided that:
    1. The purchaser purchases the property through the agency RAWA Ltd;
    2. The purchaser enters into the vendor’s form of agreement for a house and car package;
    3. The purchase price for the house and car package is $935,000 inclusive of GST; and
    4. The agreement is unconditional by 15 July 2019 and settlement is completed by 26 July 2019.
  2. The purchaser will have their choice of colour but only while stocks last.
  3. Only one Citroen C3 vehicle will be included with each house (despite the number of purchasers).

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Louise Skinner
021 461 811

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